Wild Parsnip: When the great outdoors isn’t so great

Wild parsnip in mid-summer

Wild parsnip is known as an invading species and it has been appearing in much greater numbers throughout the region. While its root is actually edible, the plant’s sap causes severe burns and can even lead to blindness if the sap makes contact with a person’s eyes. It is exposure to sunlight immediately following contact with the sap that causes the burning that results in scarring.

This plant can be found in ditches, parks and on farmland in areas across the region. It spreads quickly and can take over an area if left unchecked. If you have this plant on your property, you will want to carefully contain and remove it. If you spot it near where you live, work or play you would be doing others a favour to ensure they know what it is.

Leaves of the wild parsnip in mid-summer

Guidance from the Leeds, Grenville & Lanark District Health Unit can be found here:

Humm Contributor: Dagne Forrest

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