A Tale of Two Stories

An illustrious illustrator from Perth
Of funding, did possess a dearth,
So he turned to Kickstarter
Where with books he will barter.
Help him out! He’s not asking the Earth!

Actually, this is the tale of 29 stories, which an illustrator (with quite an illustrious past) who recently moved to Perth is trying to get published into two books for young people. Being a creative type, Gerry Capelle has turned to Kickstarter in an effort to finance the project through the relatively recent phenomenon of “crowd funding”. His campaign can be found in its entirety at kickstarter.com/projects/1313223544/two-books-29-stories.

Illustration with Wolfgang Pompadour by Gerry PompadourFirst off, you are invited to watch a compelling short video featuring Gerry as well as narrated excerpts from several of his stories. The two career notes he mentions – cartooning for National Lampoon and storyboarding for the TV shows Arthur and Rugrats – were impressive enough to cause me to go searching for his full bio, which I found on his website at gcapelle.com. I found it interesting that his cartooning credits took me back to my own misspent youth (National Lampoon, Heavy Metal and RAW Magazines), while his TV animation credits read like a who’s who from when my kids were little (Beetlejuice, Magic School Bus, Richard Scarey, Madeline…).

So now that you know this is no Johnny-draw-lately you’re dealing with, I invite you to take a good look at what Gerry is offering, and to explore the many ways in which you can support his endeavour. You can pledge a little and receive his two books – Stuck, for younger kids, and Wolfgang Pompadour (and other Rogues and Rebels) for a slightly older crowd – either as eBooks or in soft cover. For a little extra, Gerry will throw a Wolfgang Pompadour t-shirt into the mix (I’m totally going for that one).

And if you want to go right to the top, here’s how Gerry describes the reward for pledging $400 or more: “Well, this would be an act of serious faith in these books. I’m scared. I will phone a personal thanks AND doodle in one of the books AND a choice of either an inked caricature of you or of someone you choose OR of a character from the book PLUS two t-shirts. No delivery charge…

According to Gerry, the writing is complete and the illustrations are almost done, but he needs to get the project underway by the end of October, when he has to go back to work on Arthur. The funding period for his Kickstarter campaign ends precisely at 3:04PM on Saturday, October 12, and the project will only go ahead (i.e. the books will only be printed and your money will only be spent) if he receives full funding. For more details, head on over to Kickstarter.

Humm Contributor: Kris Riendeau

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