Young girl wins Perth Autumn Studio Tour draw

Airlie Cassidy with artist Suzette MacSkimming

Airlie Cassidy with artist Suzette MacSkimming

Eight year old Airlie Cassidy was the winner of this year’s Perth Autumn Studio Tour ballot draw. The draw allows the winner to spend $200 with the artist of their choice on the annual tour.

Airlie was so excited to hear she’d won, as she wanted to start her art collection with an original work of art. She entered a ballot at each of the studios she visited on the tour in the hopes of winning.

Airlie has been coming to the tour since she was two months old. She lives in Toronto, but the Cassidy family has a cottage on Christie Lake where they spend many summer days. They are always up for Thanksgiving weekend to enjoy the beautiful fall colours and to go on the Perth Autumn Studio Tour. It’s something the family looks forward to every year.

Airlie loved Suzette MacSkimming’s big colourful paintings, especially the abstract art and flowers. The piece she selected is entitled, ‘Blooming’. Airlie said, “I love flowers and I love the colours. This one just called my name.”

Airlie plans to hang her new painting in her bedroom in Toronto. Her mother, Fiona, said she’d be happy for it to go in the family room where the whole family could enjoy it too! “Thanks so much for organizing the studio tour ballot. We look forward to taking part in it again next year, when my son (aged 10) hopes to win,” said Fiona.

The Perth Autumn Studio Tour has established a reputation as a well-organized display of high quality work. It is held on the Thanksgiving weekend each year. Approximately 3,000 visitors travel the short distance between the studios to meet the artists and artisans, view their work spaces, and buy their work.

The tour celebrated its 21st year with 22 artisans in seven locations in 2013. Canoes, etchings, furniture, jewellery, painting, pottery, stone sculpture, weaving, and wood carving are some of the media on the tour.

Each year, the tour encourages other people to participate as guests, displaying their work in the studios of the tour members. New applicants are juried with an attention to the quality of work, suitability to available space, and variety as compared to the other work on the tour. The deadline for new applications is March 31st each year.

Tour links

Perth Autumn Studio Tour website
Perth Autumn Studio Tour Facebook page

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Remember to check out theHumm‘s new website in December; our directory of local resources will include information for studio tours across the Ottawa Valley.

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