Shelley Montreuil: LGBT Lanark County Civitan Fundraiser

Trading In Her Apartment For a Home On Wheels

Some would call it a mid-life crisis and others would simply say that it’s about time. When local sax player and singer-songwriter Shelley Montreuil gave her notice to her landlord that November would be her last month living and working out of the Old Perth Shoe Factory building, she knew there was no turning back.

Having spent twenty-plus years writing and performing music from jazz to blues to rock and roll and Janis Joplin, Montreuil is somewhat of a fixture in the Lanark County area. However, she has recently decided to follow her heart and spend more dedicated time doing what she loves most – writing and performing music.

And so, the funky loft space is being traded in for a 30-foot RV, a home on wheels where she can always have her music and her web development business at her fingertips no matter where she happens to be. A gutsy move (some may use different adjectives) that can only lead to new experiences, the plan is already turning itself into something wonderful.

Concert – Friday, 22 November

As a goodbye to her current live-work space at the Old Perth Shoe Factory, Montreuil is staging a four-band extravaganza. Yes, three of them are hers (Yo Mama — jazz-rock, Joplinesque – a Janis Joplin tribute, and Fluffy Cowboys – pop-country/folk) but it’s not just because she likes to see her name in lights. Montreuil is using the event to obtain live performance video footage for use in her promotional packages for area booking agents and festival directors, and this seemed like a perfect opportunity.

Also on the bill for the evening is the Kingston-based duo of Anna Sudac and Jesse MacMillan. Anna is from Kingston and has spent years working in the performing arts in Toronto as well as Kingston. Montreuil felt it would be nice to bring some fresh new talent to the area, and Anna seemed like the perfect choice.

This event, taking place Friday, 22 November at the Old Perth Shoe Factory, will have a cash bar and is a fundraiser for LGBT Lanark County Civitan. Also, anyone who takes video footage throughout the evening and provides it to Montreuil before leaving will receive their $5 admission back in appreciation.

What a great opportunity to contribute to the development of a local area artist and to have a terrific time in the process!

Tickets are on sale at Shadowfax and Tickets Please and will also be available at the door. Doors open at 7:30PM and the show will start at 8PM. A cash bar will be available.

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