Photographer Shawn De Salvo on this month’s cover

Landscape photo by photographer Shawn De SalvoThis month’s issue of theHumm features the photography of Shawn De Salvo, a photographer who relocated to Almonte a few years ago with his wife Marta Wein.

The couple had been living in the Glebe and looking for a country home when they saw a real estate ad touting the virtues of Almonte. They spent a day walking the streets and asking people if they liked living there, and that was the clincher.

The spontaneous demand from friends and colleagues for Shawn’s photographs had been growing steadily, and when he moved to the friendly town of Almonte in 2008, he decided to “put himself out there” as a professional photographer. Before long, Marta began accompanying him. As she concluded, “I never saw him, so I decided to take it up too.”

Feature article on Shawn De Salvo

Read the full profile of Almonte photographer Shawn De Salvo on the website.

NEW! Feature gallery

Even better: View a full gallery of Shawn’s work on the new Humm website!

Another photograph by Shawn De Salvo

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