Enter to win tickets to see The Strumbellas this Saturday

The Strumbellas play Almonte Old Town Hall January 18th, 2014
We’ve got two tickets to give away to one lucky reader of theHumm. Your opinions really matter to us and we’d like to ask for a bit of feedback in exchange for the chance to win tickets to see Juno-award winning band The Strumbellas in Almonte this coming Saturday night.

The Strumbellas

If you didn’t get to see Mumford and Sons live this summer, don’t worry. The Strumbellas bring that same sense of chained acoustic energy to their live show, bringing a strong songwriting sensibility and big hooks to traditional acoustic material. Moving from anthemic choruses that dare you to sing along, to delicate and tender strains, the Strumbellas promise to move you.

The Concert

The Strumbellas will be playing at the Almonte Old Town Hall as part of the four-concert Folkus Concert Series. Opening for the Strumbellas will be The Lowball Bidders. The fun, rockabilly sound and high energy from this new mix of local faves should provide a good start to the night.

The Strumbellas
Almonte Old Town Hall
Sat, 18 January 2014 at 8pm
Click here for full event details

How to Enter the Contest

Having launched the first iteration of a new website just before Christmas, this year we’re continuing to build this amazing new resource. Please take a moment and share any suggestion that you might have for something new you’d like to see on the site; it could even be a request for ‘more of this’ or ‘less of that’ please! You can share your feedback in one of two places:

1. You can leave a comment right here on this blog post (you don’t have to have a WordPress account or login to comment; this feature is open to everyone)
2. You can leave your suggestion on this post on theHumm’s Facebook page.

You can also just email us: editor@thehumm.com

You need to do this by 4pm on Thursday, 16 January; we’ll notify the winner later that same day after using Randomizer.org to select a name from the list of entrants.

Thank you and good luck!

6 responses to “Enter to win tickets to see The Strumbellas this Saturday

  1. Hello!

    First off….I love the Humm! I love that it is free of charge and just plain feel good. It would be great if the calendar could show more of what’s happening musically in the county. I know this may be the responsibility of venue owners, but perhaps there is someway to reach out to them and let them know how important it is to add their event on. It’s the only calendar I use!

    Thanks, Haley

    • Thank you for the great feedback, Haley, this is exactly the kind of thing we’re hoping to hear from our readers. Thanks for taking the time and entering our contest – good luck!

  2. I too love the Humm. Just a small thing about the website….I am no techy so the problem may be at my end…when I go to the website and/or when I click on any of the categories within the website (i.e. galleries) I get a blank kind of background page. If I scroll down that page I do come to the Humm page. Hope I am making myself clear.

    • Thank you for taking the time to tell us how much you love the Humm and report the technical issue you are experiencing. This is something where we’ll need to find out more about what browser and version you are using, that sort of stuff, so we can see what’s causing this problem for you. Someone will follow up directly with you by email.

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