Do Farmers Dream of Self-Shearing Sheep? Part 2

This is Part 2 in our series of New Year’s Resolutions (and fantasies) from local farmers, published in Susie Osler’s article in our January 2014 issue:

Janet and Bruce Duncan (Dunbrae Farms)

Resolution: To clean up the shop and get it ready to do woodworking in the off-season. Or… do a much more organized job of rotational grazing. Or… get the hay off before November!


Fantasies: That regular consumers would understand the huge benefit to them and to the community of buying their food from local farmers and/or distributors of locally grown food. Thank you to our present loyal customers for whom the penny has already dropped. Or… that continuing numbers of young people will enter the profession and be able to sustain a decent lifestyle while feeding their customers, families and friends delicious, locally grown food. Or… that agricultural universities would reverse their present direction of educating towards large conventional farms and start educating people to feed themselves and others in a sustainable and rewarding way.

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