Artist Sherry White on February Cover

February Humm cover artist Sherry WhiteFebruary cover artist Sherry White creates with her transcendent paintings an atmosphere of tranquility that is a balm and an invitation to the soul. Her mixed-media works shimmer with energy. The subjects are as diverse as her spiritual explorations. Buddha, geishas, trees, birds – in her artist’s bio she describes her work: “Pulling from her connection to Mother Earth and her spiritual search, she creates works of art that evoke feelings of peace, warmth, and serenity.”

Her canvases reflect her ongoing quest for answers to questions many of us avoid by playing the game of life in a much different way. Instead of surfing the web or flipping on the TV or going to the mall, White sits down with a blank canvas and ponders the ineffable. Sometimes inspiration comes from a conversation, sometimes from a saying, sometimes from an image, often from her subconscious.

Years ago, an old friend showed her a portrait of Buddha that the friend had painted. Sherry remembers the visceral reaction she had to the image. Her immediate response was to start experimenting with her own portrayals of the spiritual leader, and to delve further into his teachings. Like Buddha, White is seeking a path of spiritual development, searching for insight into the true nature of reality. She explains that: “My whole journey is about Why? Why are we here?

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