office dog 2.0

Well, Rob and Kris have em”bark”ed on a new adventure (with Rona’s help during office hours). We have decided to foster dogs from the good folks at Valley Animal Rescue. Our first charge, named Maggie, arrived this morning and is now spending the afternoon with us at Humm Headquarters. She is a two year-old boxer mix with a lovely disposition and a fair bit of training already under her belt. Our hope is that we can spend the next few months helping her to calm down during play, and to relax her “resource guarding” tendencies. The ultimate goal will be to help her find a terrific “forever home”, but fortunately that’s at least several months away. It’s already more fun (and furry) around the office!Maggie the Office Dog

3 responses to “office dog 2.0

  1. Aw, welcome Maggie! Reggie is a bit concerned that you both have purple collars, we need to discuss coordinating Humm office dog fashion statements! 🙂

  2. I can send you pics off her four year old sister my wife and I both feel this has to be our dogs sister which is a mix from a boxer and Siberian husky.

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