Branching Out with Ed Lawrence

Ed Lawrence, gardening expert, comes to Mississippi Mills

Ed Lawrence

Near the end of a long cold winter like this past one, people sure do find themselves beech-ing about the weather and pine-ing for spring. Well, the Town and Chamber of Commerce of Mississippi Mills are partnering up to organize Branching Out — a Tree Talk and Forest Forum, featuring our very own Ed Lawrence as tree-note speaker!

On Tuesday, March 18, come on out to the Almonte Old Town hall at 7PM to find out all you need to know about planting new trees and tending to existing ones.
Want to know what species will best suit your space, how to dig safely on your property, or how to prune and care for your foliage? You’ll hear from Ed, and then have a chance to ask questions of a panel of arboreal experts.

Ready to jump in and buy a tree? The Chamber will be there with access to their tree sale site, where you’ll find a wide variety of large (6-8’) fruit, shade and flower trees. Want to plant a whole lot of smaller trees? The Town’s Beautification Committee will have several species of seedlings for sale. Looking for an environmentally sound way to keep your trees and garden watered? The Neighbourhood Tomato Community Gardens Project will also be there, selling 220-litre rain barrels for only $55.

Best of all, the event is free of charge, so bring all of your tree-related questions to the Almonte Old Town Hall.

If you are unable to attend on that date, you can purchase large trees from the Chamber of Commerce by visiting <> or calling Kathryn at 256–7886 until April 24. Call Bonnie at 256–1077 x21 by April 18 to order seedlings, and visit <> or call Deanna at 256¬–7535 to place your order for rain barrels.

All trees and barrels will be available for pick-up from the Mississippi Mills municipal office on Saturday, April 26. For more information about Branching Out, please call Bonnie at 256–1077 x21.

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