’Til MilkBone Do Us Part

Linda's dog in his favourite hatHumm Columnist Linda Seccaspina explains in her April column why, at the age of 62, she has come to prefer her dog’s companionship over any other.

“At 62 with a trail of bad relationships, I have no interest in listening to a male voice tell me what I can or cannot do any longer. For once in my life, I want a companion that is silent and loving, so I have chosen my dog to share my remaining years.

“My dog eats what I give him and does not demand that I shop for probiotics or buy him organic items. If I choose not to take a bath one day, my best friend will not care, and actually prefers the smell of freshly cooked meat over the scent of Victoria’s Secret.”

Read the full story on theHumm Online.

3 responses to “’Til MilkBone Do Us Part

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