Top Ten Reasons to Join the Safari on May 3

Note: The Safari Dinner is an annual fundraising event that takes place in and around the Almonte area. In order to facilitate transportation between courses, participants must live within a 15-minute drive of Almonte. Here are 10 reasons to attend this year’s event, which will benefit the Young Awards Foundation

Young Awards Foundation

10. Just the mention of food and wine with friends, and you’re in
9. A fun night without kids screaming “I gotta go potty”
8 You like the spontaneity of not knowing where you are going until you get there
7. You can tell all those old jokes to new friends
6. Once the Safari arrives, spring is right around the corner
5. A sense of adventure and desire to experience new things
4. You want to bet on who will make it to the after-party
3. Can’t wait to see if the weather will allow you to wear your shorts
3. You get to “borrow” home decorating ideas from the homes you go to
2 You want everyone to rave about your cooking
1. You secretly want to be awarded the best host

But don’t let the list deter you — Safari Dinner is for everyone! In addition to your appetite, organizers kindly ask that all participants provide a minimum donation of $20 per person, with all proceeds going this year to The Young Awards Foundation. Their mission is to foster dynamic arts initiatives in the schools of Mississippi Mills.

If you would like to participate in Almonte’s most amazing dining adventure on May 3, please contact Karen Gallagher at 613-451-0323 as soon as possible. Spots fill up quickly! Further details to follow upon RSVP.

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