Participate in the Smiths Falls Creative Arts Fair!

Are you an artistic person or organization willing to inspire others to develop skills in your particular art form? If so, the Smiths Falls and District Arts & Culture Council invites you to participate in their first ever Creative Arts Fair, taking place on September 27.SFDACC logo

What is a Creative Arts Fair, you ask? It’s not a sale of wares. Instead it’s an event that brings together a broad spectrum of creative people and organizations under one roof to showcase what they do, and to allow novices to explore an interest in doing the same. Attendees will be exposed to a variety of artistic opportunities, rather like what aspiring athletes do when they sign up for a sport. For example, you can offer an opportunity to learn dance, music, pottery, painting, photography, poetry composition, or museum artifact display, anything from the vast world of artistic expression.
The SFDACC will hold this inaugural event on September 27 from 10am to 3pm at the Smiths Falls District Community Health Centre at 2 Gould Street. Participation in the Fair will allow for excellent networking opportunities with your fellow arts practitioners. On top of that, you will be included in an artistic directory. The only cost will be a $20 security deposit to reserve your space which will be refunded to you on the day of the event.
Has this piqued your interest? Then please email the information requested below. Register soon, as space is very limited and will be allotted on a first-come, first-served basis. The registration deadline is August 24.
Organizers hope you will join them for this exciting event. If you have any questions please email Lynda Daniluk or phone her at 613-283-9138.

Requested Information:
Your name or name of organization; address & phone number; email address. Tell us about your art: what is it, how long have you been doing it, what motivates you? What would you require to display or demonstrate your art? Are you willing to teach or mentor someone in your art form? Have you ever taught or mentored before? Do you have a location where you can provide instruction in your art form?

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