Need Some Extra Sunshine?

Big sunflower

Looking to add a bit of extra sun into a month that has felt more like Augtober than August at times? Well, if you happen to find yourself in Almonte, you can walk the trail at Al Potvin and Shirley Deugo’s place off Carss Street and treat yourself to some gorgeous sunflowers! Al has planted his stunning corridor of flowers in past years, but this year the deer have been especially kind and left most of them intact. You can go and experience the effect of walking the path through hundreds of cheery blooms, or you can grab your camera and bring home some great shots. But Al and Shirley are also encouraging folks to pick a bouquet to take home and enjoy. So there you have it, folks – free flowers grown with love and available to enjoy on the spot or on your table!000_8697To find the sunflower field, take Union Street North to the end, turn left onto Carss Street, and look for the start of the path on your right – near the compost-for-sale bin. While you’re there, you can also pick up some compost (proceeds go to the Hub Hospice initiative)!000_8717

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