Catch Canada Wild later this month

Photograph from Canada WildWhere can you experience beautiful images of nature synchronized with gorgeous music? A movie theatre, a nature show on TV, or how about the Almonte Old Town Hall? On Saturday, September 27, nature/wildlife photographer Bill Pratt and musician/composer Ian Douglas will team up to present a unique evening of audio and visual entertainment. The event is called Canada Wild. Bill explains that: “our intent is to celebrate the rugged beauty of Canada’s wilderness.” During the performance, photographs from Algonquin Park, the Yukon, and across the Arctic will be presented as three ‘pieces’, each accompanied by an original musical score, performed live.

Performing the music on stage will be the Raintree Earth Ensemble, led by Ian Douglas (piano, percussion), Steve Smith (cello), Kelly Sloan (voice), Neil Saungikar (hand-drums), and Steve Reside (drums, percussion). The musicians have been chosen for their intuitive abilities, and so will augment the written score with inspiration from the images that unfold during the show. They will be positioned so that they can see the screen and be fully visible to the audience at the same time.

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Bill Pratt's nature photography

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