At the Markets this Saturday

In the October Humm’s Stop and Smell the Chocolate column, I told you of the wonders that abound at the Carp Farmers’ Market (Saturdays, 8am to 1pm, throughout October) — bacon, Pad Thai, egg rolls, pottery, fudge, granola, British pies, gingerbread (even gluten-free) and, of course, luscious fresh produce. In case you are looking for one in a different neck of our woods, here are some of the other local farmers’ markets that invite you to celebrate the fall harvest now, while you still can! Carp Farmers Mkt

Perth Farmers’ Market at the Crystal Palace has their last day on the 11th, so come on out and peruse their organic produce, baking, preserves, maple products, meat, eggs, crafts, pesto, plants and BBQ pork.

Living within walking distance, I often frequent the Almonte Farmers’ Market, Saturdays 8:30am to 12:30pm in the Library parking lot. It is especially convenient when I am working for a certain paper, as I can stop there on my way in for, say, some freshly made Pad Thai from Amanda, and a gluten-free maple doughnut from SweetCheeks. Did you know Pad Thai is great as a breakfast? And did you know that you are allowed a breakfast dessert? Well, now you do! October 11 is the last day for Almonte’s market — bring your knives in to get them sharpened up for winter. While you are there, perhaps pick up some organic beef for your freezer, some beautiful pottery for entertaining (or Christmas gifts!), some maple products for me…

The Carleton Place Farmers’ Market will also have its last day on October 11 (9am–1pm), but I hope you made it there on the 4th, when they had their 3rd annual Apple Pie Contest! No? Well better pick up some apples and start practicing for next year.

Now, I’ve yet to get to the McDonald’s Corners Farmers’ Market (open 9AM–1PM, ‘til the 11th), but I can tell you why you should visit in four words: outdoor wood-fired pizza oven. What? You don’t care about food? How are you still reading my column then? Well, you may then be interested to know that it is at the MERA Schoolhouse — as in, the arts mecca of the area — so I’m sure you’ll find some pretty cool non-edible products there as well.

The Smiths Falls Farmers Market is also open until the 11th, and the Harvard Lounge will be open for refreshments. And if you manage to drop by the Lounge, please let me know what it is, because it sounds swanky! Many of the markets will return for a Christmas Market, but it ain’t the same as the wealth of fresh produce available now, so get out there!

If you’re in the northwestern end of our coverage area (and/or a crazy-early riser), perhaps the Renfrew Armouries is more convenient. That’s where you’ll find the Renfrew Farmers’ Market, from 7am (yes, 7am) to noon. Locally-raised lamb and pork, and personal care products made from pure shea butter round out the assortment of usual market goodies.

Rona Fraser

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