Music To Our Ears — PPAC’s Tuneful 33rd Season


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Once the last of the geese depart for the winter, the Canadian soundscape can start to seem fairly bleak. Fortunately, the good folks at PPAC (that’s short for the Perth Performing Arts Committee) are offering up another fine season that is sure to warm the cochleas of your frost-tipped ears!

PPAC-Campbell-AfiaraThe first concert, scheduled for Friday, October 17 at 7:30pm, unites the talents of internationally celebrated clarinettist James Campbell and jazz guitarist/composer Graham Campbell with the dynamic and award-winning Afiara String Quartet. Campbell/Afiara widens the definition of classical music to include works from many genres that have withstood the test of time. The great compositions of Mozart and Schubert share the stage with Brazilian choros from the 19th century, early 20th century ragtime and blues, and the gypsy jazz classics of 1930s’ Paris. This intriguing mix of performers will bring a joyful musical fusion to the Mason Theatre, kicking off PPAC’s 33rd season in style.

Greatly influenced by the music of Django Reinhardt, Taiwanese-Canadian guitarist Denis Chang’s formative years were spent alongside great Gypsy Jazz musicians such as Fapy Lafertin, Ritary Gaguenetti, Paulus Schäfer and Emmanuel Kassimo, to name just these few. Over the years, this virtuoso guitarist has developed his own sound that is inspired by numerous styles of music while remaining faithful to the Gypsy Jazz style; he has also added his own compositions to the standard Gypsy Jazz repertoire. The mesmerizing musical energy of the Denis Chang Gypsy Jazz Quartet will be sure to warm up the evening of Friday, November 14.

One of the most dynamic and exciting world-class ensembles of its generation, the Borealis String Quartet has received international critical acclaim as an ensemble praised for its fiery performances, passionate style, and refined, musical interpretation.

Founded in Vancouver, British Columbia, in the fall of 2000, and rapidly establishing a stellar reputation, the quartet has toured extensively in North America, Europe and Asia and performed to enthusiastic sold-out audiences in major cities, and they will be showcasing their prowess at PDCI on Friday, March 13.

Finally, on the evening of Friday, April 17, award-winning multi-instrumentalist Yiannis Kapoulas will expand your musical horizons with his infectious blend of “ethno-fusion world instrumentals” — a unique sound that runs the gamut of influences from Latin, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, jazz, classical and funk. He tours extensively with an ensemble comprised of top talent from Toronto and Montreal, and plays a multitude of exotic stringed instruments with agility, speed, precision and a passion that has been awing music fans at countless festivals across Canada.

All PPAC shows start at 7:30pm in the Mason Theatre at Perth & District Collegiate Institute, at 13 Victoria Street. Both season and single tickets are now available from Tickets Please (call 485–6434, or drop in at Jo’s Clothes, 39 Foster Street in Perth).

2 responses to “Music To Our Ears — PPAC’s Tuneful 33rd Season

  1. When I heard Pete Fountain who was called Mr Liquorice Stick in 1961 and George Lewis on the same trip to NOrleans I thought that I had heard the best.
    Now that I have heard our own James Campbell I wonder…

  2. Did I win?? (gotta figure out how to get more people involved with theHumm Online – this is a real bonus!) We could definitely go tomorrow night.


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