Get All The Dirt on Tait McKenzie!

In their upcoming production The Dirt on Tait McKenzie, playwright Fern Martin and director Thora Pugh once again combine their talents to commemorate a Mississippi Mills hometown hero.

The Dirt will be unearthed at the Almonte Old Town Hall in a four-performance run November 14, 15, 21 and 22 at 7:30. Dress rehearsal is on November 12 at 7:30 (by donation). Tickets are $20 (general) and $10 (students) and available at Baker Bob’s in Almonte, Read’s Book Shop in Carleton Place, the Pakenham General Store and the Clayton General Store.

Kids-and-teacherAfter the success of their 2011 collaboration, Naismith is Colourblind and He Can’t Drive, Martin and Pugh have teamed up with a seasoned cast of players to present an entertaining, family-friendly musical play. The show opens with a fast-talking, anything-for-a-story reporter Robin Do-Little (Kris Riendeau), sent to dig up some “dirt” on Dr. McKenzie. Aided by a tech-savvy young fellow (Andrew Jahn) and his time-travelling “uPod”, the audience is transported into the past. Dr. McKenzie (Mark Piper) and Ethel McKenzie (Heather Douglas) are supported by an 11-member chorus in a series of flashbacks highlighting the achievements of Dr. McKenzie in the fields of medicine, rehabilitation therapy, physical education and art.

Robin-and-the-KidWhen playwright Martin delved deeper into the life and times of this distinguished local figure, she was amazed to learn about his many accomplishments. “He truly was a Renaissance man,” says Martin, “with interests in a variety of fields — everything from gymnastics to botany, Greek mythology to mycology. It’s no wonder that he achieved international recognition for his work in three fields of endeavour — medicine, teaching and art.”

For more information, call Lucy or Neil at 256-2018, or check them out on Facebook!

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