Kick Off the Christmas Season in Almonte!

We-heart-local croppedAlmonte merchants are throwing open the doors of their freshly decorated shops, and you’re invited in! On the evening of Thursday, November 13, many downtown spots will be open late (from 6-9pm) for your first taste of holiday shopping. Holiday cheer will abound, and shoppers will be treated to special discounts, give-aways and more! Don’t miss the annual “deck your neck” scarf sale at doree’s habit, or the chance to sample delicious offerings from Janie & Pamalamalas…

Then on Friday, November 14, head out to Ottawa Street for a Christmas Open House at Equator Coffee Roasters. You’ll find great deals, artisans exhibiting their wares, specialty coffee and food samples, children’s activities, live music, roastery tours and more! And at nearby Dandelion Foods, you can visit the new giftware department, sample holiday food and drink ideas, see their gift baskets available for pre-order and share in the merriment. Enter to win a gift certificate or gift basket.

HaidaGwaiiRevCome on back downtown on Saturday, November 15 for the annual Open House at Alliance Coin & Banknote. They are celebrating their tenth anniversary in Almonte, and will be featuring a display of rare & neat coins and related artifacts dating back to ancient times, the unveiling of the “Haida Gwaii” (Canada’s largest and rarest commemorative silver coin, weighing in at a whopping 5K!), as well as entertainment by the fabulous Sax Appeal saxophone duo.

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