Boiling the Oceans?

Don Wiles writes: We have just seen that Lake Erie evaporated and dumped it all on Buffalo!  What will happen if the oceans evaporate?  Where will the water come down? Come to the next Almonte Lecture to get some ideas!

The next lecture takes place on Friday, November 28, at 7:30pm in the Almonte United Church Hall. The speaker is Dr. Peter Ricketts, and his topic is “Boiling the Oceans”.Buffalo Snow 2

What are oceans telling us about climate change? In fact, they are telling us a great deal. This lecture is not about proving or disproving whether human-induced climate change is occurring, but rather about what is happening to our oceans and how that is linked to global climate change. The world’s oceans have an enormous impact on heat distribution, climatic conditions, and atmospheric regulation. Some may consider the possibility that human actions can change the oceans as an impossibility, like boiling the ocean — but do we actually have to boil the ocean in order to cause irreparable damage? That is the question we shall consider.

Dr. Ricketts is Provost and Vice-President (Academic) at Carleton University, where he holds an appointment as Full Professor in the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies. Dr. Ricketts’ area of expertise is in ocean and coastal zone management, and he has published extensively on coastal erosion management, the development and application of coastal and ocean management policy, the use of geographic information systems to support environmental decision-making, and the impacts of climate change on global oceans. Dr. Ricketts is a founding member of the Coastal Zone Canada Association, of which he is currently President.

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