Food Allergies + Xmas = ?

*** Sorry folks — this workshop has been postponed to early 2015. ***

Your sister-in-law is celiac, your brother is lactose-intolerant, and you’re hosting a family dinner in a couple of weeks. Drop by Dandelion Foods in Almonte tonight (Dec 2, 6-7pm) for a helpful workshop: “Finally… Food I Can Eat for Christmas”, with local author Shirley Plant. For $10, Shirley will talk you through meal planning, shopping and substitutions to not only help you make your pain-in-the food-challenged relatives feel welcome, but could even help your belly make it through the holidays! If you cannot make the workshop, copies of her book (Finally… Food I can Eat!) are available for sale.

When they ask you where you learned how to make such delicious food, tell them:
I found it in Almonte!

Note: We mean no offence and realize food allergies are not a choice and not fun; it is a pain-in-the food-challenged person writing this post!

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