One for the Kids!

Christmas is really for the kids (yes, and kids-at-heart). Sure, some kids are excited by what they are getting, but many are also excited to participate in the giving. Here are 5 ideas to help kids find just the right present to give to their favourite people… and even their not-so-favourite younger brother.

Make it yourself!  JBArts offers all-day “Snow Day” programs with a variety of arts and crafts, such as creating snow globes, painted scenes, a clay gingerbread house, cartoon ornaments… Sign ’em up for a full day or just one project. Find out more here.

Shop smart!  The older kids may want to check out theHumm’s online Gift Giving Guide, which includes helpful categories such as $10 & under and $25 & under.

Blackbird Dec 12-13Kids-Only Shopping Nights!  Blackbird may have new owners but they are definitely keeping their Kids-Only Shopping Nights! It is Thursday, December 11 and Friday, December 12, 5:30-8:30pm. You bring the kids in, and the friendly elves help them find gifts to fit their wants and budget. Cash is encouraged, as kids aren’t really big credit card users (I hope!).

Drop in!  The Valley is full of friendly and helpful shop-people. I’m sure they would be more than happy to help young folks find just the right thing to fit their budget. Take a look through theHumm to find some great ideas of places to shop!

Encourage their artistic side!  Everyone’s got an artistic side, whether it displays natural talent or needs a bit more… umm… finessing. Give kids the encouragement they need to shine, as they create one-of-a-kind gifts for you to treasure. It will be a gift from the heart, a conversation starter, and perhaps an early step on their path to artistic greatness/fulfillment. And if they want to develop their craft further, well, check out the Classes, Courses, Lessons in the upcoming January issue of the Humm!

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