Love animals? Volunteer!

The February issue of theHumm is chock-full of listings from local organizations who are seeking volunteers. If you have time or talents to dedicate, there are festivals, museums, conservation areas, arts and activity organizations just waiting to hear from you. If you like working with or on behalf of animals, we’ve listed a few specific organizations below. You’ll find even more in our listing of volunteering opportunities in Community Organizations. To see even more listings, go to our Local Directory and click on one of the categories under “Volunteering Opportunities” on the left-hand side of the page.

Maggie (VAR)Valley Animal Rescue is a foster-based animal rescue that serves the needs of the homeless, abused and neglected animals of the Ottawa Valley. We are in great need of passionate, committed volunteers to help fundraise and transport animals between homes and to veterinary appointments. Please consider joining the Valley Animal Rescue team, and help us save lives. Contact us at <>.

Lanark County Therapeutic Riding Program - Jackson & DeannaThe Lanark County Therapeutic Riding Program offers specialized riding lessons to people with physical and/or developmental disabilities. Would you like to volunteer during weekly lessons to lead the horses, or walk beside the riders to give them support and encouragement? No experience is required and training sessions will be held in the spring, with lessons beginning in May in Perth and Almonte. Great exercise and great people! For more information, visit <> or 257–7121 x236.

Lanark AnimalLAWS Welfare Society (LAWS) is a local, no-kill animal shelter dedicated to promoting the wellbeing of animals. LAWS depends on the generous help of volunteers, in- and out-of-shelter. Volunteer opportunities include: reception, carpenters, electricians and plumbers, willing to volunteer their expertise. Also required are cat care attendants, cat adoption room assistants, and dog walkers. Out-of-shelter volunteering: bakers, yard sale hosts, crafts sale hosts, musicians, all creative fundraising ideas. Visit <> or email <>.

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