Awesome, Artsy volunteers

The February issue of theHumm is chock-full of listings from local organizations who are seeking volunteers. If you have time or talents to dedicate, there are festivals, museums, conservation areas, arts and activity organizations just waiting to hear from you. (If you are already maxed out in the volunteering department, why not share this post?) If you are interested in contributing to to one of the many artistic happenings that are such a big part of this area’s character, we’ve listed a few specific organizations below. You’ll find even more in our listings of volunteering opportunities for Visual Arts, Literature, Music and Theatre. It’s like an all-you-can-eat buffet of community engagement possibilities!

Arts-CP-logoArts Carleton Place, a not-for-profit organization, supports and promotes the arts and culture in our community. We are run by volunteers and need your support in 2015. The first Arts Carleton Place Show & Sale is on Saturday, May 23 from 10am to 4pm at St. James Hall. Many hands will be required from the Friday set-up to tear down, assisting artists on Saturday, wrapping the art, being greeters at the venue. To volunteer for an artsy experience, email <>.

MERA is a community arts organization in McDonalds Corners. Our Heritage Schoolhouse is busy all week with dancers, fibre artists, musicians and potters. On weekends we host concerts and, in winter, our popular ’Round the World on a Dinner Plate community suppers. We offer interesting workshops and, in warmer months, there is the Farmers’ Market, Arts Camp for Kids, festivals and community events. For more information, or to become a member, visit <>, email <>, or call 278–0388.

Studio-TheatreThe Studio Theatre is a fully accessible 197-seat venue known for its great acoustics and warm, intimate atmosphere. It’s also the only theatre of its kind in Perth run 100% by volunteers. Great opportunities abound for anyone interested in the thrilling world of theatre, and volunteers see great plays and concerts for free! We currently need volunteers for front-of-house positions, plus actors, stage crew, and more. We’d love to meet you, so visit <> for details! Contact: 326–1976 or <>.

The Young Awards Foundation raises funds for dynamic arts programs in the schools of Mississippi Mills. Short-term volunteer positions include helpers for the annual gala in May (load-in, set-up, decoration set-up, assistance to the technical crew, clean up, etc.). Long-term positions include membership on the Gala and Funds Distribution committees and on the Board. For more information about this year’s gala opportunities or to sign up, visit <> or contact Julie Argue at <>.

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