Health & Hookers in Almonte

Stop looking at snow and weather forecasts! Come on down to Almonte to check out these two new art exhibits, both of which opened yesterday.

Liver - Maria Gomez Umana

Liver – Maria Gomez Umana

General Fine Craft, Art & Design presents the work of multiple artists, as well as shining the spotlight on selected ones. March 3 – 29 the spotlight is on Columbian-born, multi-disciplinary artist and educator Maria Gomez Umana. The layers of drawing, paint, beeswax and stitchery in her exhibit “Heal” create levels of interpretation for the viewer to contemplate. You can meet the artist at The General on Sunday, March 22, from 1-3pm. We’ve even made it easy to add to your calendar… because we look out for you. 🙂

At the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum, in addition to their Fabric of a Small Town exhibit, you can peruse Hooked on Rugs, March 3 – April 11. No, it’s not Hooked on Rugsabout that time I went fishing in a small boat with my uncle who wore a toupee… that’s a completely different story; instead it is a tale of two hookers. Lesli Zanetti became interested in hooking with a visit to Cape Breton in ’92, got some coaching, then found her own style. Loretta Moore’s hooking career began at a quilt shop, of all places. Using different supplies and techniques, both artists create lovely hooked rugs. Check them out for yourself! You can even meet the two hookers in question at the vernissage: Saturday, March 7, 2-4pm. Details for your calendar here. You may like it so much you’ll want to attend their demo!

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