Great Green Investment Opportunity from EcoPerth

Are you looking to make an investment towards your future (and get a decent return), but nervous about the environmental and social impact of the regular options available to you? Were you hoping to install a microFit solar system on your property, only to find out that you couldn’t because much of Lanark County is under constraint for any new systems? Do you want to do your part to help wean our society off its climate-changing fossil fuel addiction, and move it to a renewable energy future?

If so, then theHumm and EcoPerth cordially invite you to a SolarShare information meeting at 7:30pm this Wednesday, March 11, at the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum. SolarShare, an Ontario not-for-profit Renewable Energy Co-operative, could be exactly what you are looking for! Through SolarShare, co-op members invest in an expanding portfolio of solar projects while receiving a good return — something that EcoPerth believes is a win-win. Any resident or business in Ontario can purchase SolarShare investment bonds that offer 5% for five years, with the interest paid twice a year as a direct deposit into your account.

Solar shareBecoming a Co-op member of SolarShare brings a special opportunity for Lanark County. As a registered Renewable Energy Co-operative, SolarShare is able to apply for small FIT projects (up to 500kW) within Lanark County. Because the systems are financed 100% by co-op members from across Ontario, these projects qualify for a special “set-aside” capacity allocation through the FIT program. All that is required is that there are at least fifty qualifying members from within the County.

EcoPerth is facilitating membership in SolarShare and is working to identify potential solar projects throughout Lanark County. Becoming a SolarShare member is simple — there is a one-time $40 membership fee, and a minimum $1000 investment. By joining a registered Co-op with a “one member = one vote” rule, you become a voting member and are part of a growing family of community ownership of our energy future. 

For more details, contact EcoPerth at 268–2907 or email

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