The June issue of the Humm won’t have something for everyone…

… because some people like arena-style concerts and big box stores. And some of them like strip malls and fast food. Heck, some just like to stay at home and watch “Toddlers in Tiaras”! And that’s perfectly fine.

We-heart-local croppedHowever, some folks prefer funky, distinctive and eclectic independently owned shops and restaurants. Others adore intimate performance spaces, and one-of-a-kind arts and crafts. Many appreciate small town hospitality and gorgeous rural settings. And, as the kids say, those are our “peeps”!
8500 copies of the June issue of theHumm will be distributed free of charge through many of the above-mentioned spots throughout Lanark County, Renfrew County and the west end of Ottawa. As we enter the high tourist season, we also add more distribution spots at festivals, events and visitor attractions. That means more chances for the right “peeps” to find out about you!
If your business or organization is interested in advertising in the June issue of theHumm, please contact us by Thursday, May 22 (or earlier, if you like!), and let us help you reach your peeps. As always, ad layout is free of charge (and done with a smile).Humm-Layout-guy
Happy summer from theHumm!

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