Lynn and Keith in Smiths Falls!

Lynn-MilesThis Saturday, November 14, the amazing songstress Lynn Miles will perform with award-winning guitarist Keith Glass at the Gallipeau Centre in Smiths Falls. Anyone who loves Lynn’s compelling vocals and intriguing songs will be happy to hear her report that: “we’re going to do old songs, new songs… the audience will laugh and cry… but probably laugh more because Keith and I get really funny together”.

The two musicians met some 25 years ago when Glass was still with Prairie Oyster. “I’ve been playing with Lynn on and off for the past fourteen years,” says Glass. “She’s wonderful to work with, primarily because she’s a great songwriter, a great singer and a great musician — there really are no gaps in her skill set.”

Glass himself is a fabulous guitar player and vocalist, and will provide harmony at the upcoming concert as well. “He’s a dear to work with and really funny and easy to travel with. We get along really well,” says Miles.

This will be Miles’ first concert in Smiths Falls, and she’s really looking forward to it. Tickets for this show are $20 in advance or at the door, and the show starts at 7pm. Tickets can be purchased online from tickepro or the theatre, or by calling the box office at 205–1493. The Gallipeau Centre Theatre is located at 361 Queen Street in Smiths Falls — parking is always free and the onsite cash bar opens before the show and during intermission.

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