NOV 12, 6-9PM: Kick Off the Christmas Season in Almonte!

IFIIA xmas tagAlmonte merchants are throwing open the doors of their freshly decorated shops, and you’re invited in!

Many downtown Almonte merchants invite you out tonight (Thursday, Nov 12, 6–9pm) for special Christmas treats and deals. Don’t worry about the temp — the forecast is for 8C, warming bevvies, good cheer and specials!

Blackbird warms you all day with mulled cider & cookies & shopping, but in case of chill, better Deck Your Neck at doree’s habit’s annual scarf sale tonight and pick up some winter boots (20%-off) at Vamos!

Get ready for Christmas parties at Crush Marketplace, where they’ll give you 25%-off fashion footwear at their annual Christmas Open House.

Mill Street Books will be open 5–7pm, with treats as well as helpful advice for book selection.

Visit Dragon’s Lair Beads (open til 8pm at the bottom of Mill St.) for present-making supplies, then visit Jennifer Kelly’s Current Works of Glass (up by the LCBO) where you can see a pulled hot glass demonstration (8pm-ish).

With Mill Street Crepe Co. offering a $30 crepe-dessert-wine special tonight, L.G. Lee & Sons handing out the Lee Valley Christmas catalogue in a nice reusable Lee Valley bag, and many more of your favourite shops such as Gilligallou, Hello Yellow, Tin Barn Market, Kentfield Kids open late for your shopping pleasure, we’re looking forward to treating ourselves and getting a lot of good local Xmas shopping done.



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