Shop in the Valley this Weekend!

The Ottawa Valley is brimming with distinctive and delightful independent shops that are in turn full of inventive and eclectic gifts. But how to choose? Where to start? Well, we hummbly suggest cracking open theHumm’s annual Gift Giving Guide, either online or in our December issue (which you can peruse as you drink a leisurely beverage at one of the Valley’s many friendly coffee shops or pubs). Small-town hospitality, no mobs, free parking and friendly, helpful service – how can you beat that?

HusbandsHere’s just a taste of what’s in this year’s Gift Giving Guide:

For Environmentalists: Recycled seat belt bags, available at Glory Days in Westport

For Do-it-yourselfers: Gift certificate for glass fusing classes, available at Current Works of Glass in Almonte

For Husbands: Happy Spritz aromatherapy body spray in “Rugged Gentleman” or “Woodsy Lumber Jack”, available at Blush & Black Spa in Almonte

For Kids: Family Pastimes co-operative board games, available at Riverguild in Perth

For Music Lovers: Series pass to the 2016 Folkus Concert season, available in Almonte

For Wives: Handcrafted Italian lamb leather handbag, available at Streve Designs in Perth


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