Ask Miss Write!

Etsy: Made in Canada show 2014

OK kids — go drink a double latté, fire up your social medium of choice, and get in on the great give-away action. Miss Write is getting serious this month, and to prove it, she’s putting her money where her mouth is by offering:

Two tickets to the Etsy: Made in Canada show

The show will take place at the Bell Sensplex on Saturday, September 27. That’s where you can join Miss Write, Handmade Harvest, and 200 local Etsy sellers as they gather for a nationwide handmade love-fest. Wanna get in for free?

Miss Write, Emily Arbour

Miss Write, also known as Emily Arbour

Send Miss Write a question (to be answered in her regular column in theHumm) by using the simple form below!

Check back in next month for a new give-away. We’ll have tickets to local concerts, plays, shows and lots more!

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