Watercolour Artist Jacquie Christiani on March Cover

With watercolour and pencil, Jacquie Christiani creates circular paintings that are both meditative and celebratory. For the viewer, each scrutiny reveals another layer of meaning, another suggestion of images that can be interpreted in countless ways. Each observer wonders if others recognize the same forms that he or she does, or whether they detect different images within the small, lovely, intricate representations of Christiani’s physical and metaphysical worlds.

Watercolour artist Jacquie Christiani

Nature is her primary inspiration. She says “Walking in nature awakens a memory or connection that I am inspired to share… Colours and impressions of nature form in my head as I experience the outdoors.”

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Looking for free technology help in Mississippi Mills?

Mississippi Mills Public Library is pleased to provide a new service: technology tutors! There are now two tutors working out of both the Almonte Branch and the Pakenham Branch. The Library’s tutors will be providing one-on-one computer sessions – bring your questions, your devices! They’ll help you figure out all the how-to’s from setting up emails to learning about online shopping. You name it. They are ready to support you during the months of February and March.

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